Coming soon…

In 2020 I’ll be publishing Just Write It – a guide to making the time to write and building a regular writing practice.

Books I’m a contributor to:

Elinor Trier’s three anthologies, Naked Money, The Power of Ritual and Demystifying the Artist and Kerstin Martin’s anthology, Asking for Impossible Things.

Books I wrote or edited:

Alan Warner’s Morvern Callar: A Reader’s Guide – published in the UK and USA by Continuum Contemporaries

Long Lunch Press Books:

Addicted to Brightness by Fiona Benson, Rachael Boast et al

Leonard Pepper & Other Stories by Irvine Welsh and Richard Todd

Surveillance & The Fremont Inheritance by James Meek and Elizabeth Reeder

Mackerel & Creamola by Ian Stephen, pocketbooks